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A little bit about us

So we're a rock'n'soul band currently between Los Angeles and Johannesburg. What's that mean? So our singer and guitarist are slugging it out in Los Angeles while our drummer and bassist are trying to survive in Johannesburg. It's all a bit messed up. But we're trying to make it work.

So what do we do as a band now that we're literally half way across the world?

Well, we release music through Youtube and Spotify etc. We have an album in the works so we're busy releasing singles off it. And to keep some content flowing Hana and Rich are also doing covers on Youtube.

Our musical style varies. Some hard rock tracks. Some more funky/fun tracks. Some ballads. It all depends on how we feel. Check it out, you might find something you like. And if you do like, please give us a follow/like (or any other form of what is essentially the online currency for artists. Sadly the value of art has been degraded to the click of a 'like' button and less than 5 seconds of appreciation). Do it. Make us look good.

But most important of all - give our music a listen.

Our latest tracks:

Official Videos



Acoustic Videos


Whole Lotta Love

Cover Videos

Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O'Mine

Tori Kelly - Change Your Mind


Spotify - Singles

Spotify - Revery