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Name: Richard Globisch

Role in Asila: Guitars, Songwriter and Chief Whip

Experience: 15 years geeta!

Inspiration: Don't suck

Gear: Paul Reed Smith Custom 22, Boss GT-100, Peavey Classic 30. Taylor E214 DLX, TC Hall of Fame and Polytune, EH Memory Toy

Favourite song on Firebird: Let it go

Least favourite song on Firebird: Once More

Favourite bands: Amorphis, Megadeth, Muse, Queen, Dark Tranquillity, Depeche Mode

Musical heroes: Marty Friedman, Tim Pierce, Pete Thorn, Anika Niles, Andrew Schepps, Greg Wells and many more

Best live show you've been to: Dave Matthews JHB 2015

Cats or dogs? Cats

Random trivia: I hate a guy called Vyv

Favorite Food: Victory

Other Interests: Recording, Mixing, Producing and software development

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