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Name: Taryn Lee Young

Role in Asila: Drummer and professional disser

Experience: 21 Years Drums

Inspiration: Put in 200 % or go home

Gear: Dw, Ludwig, Sabian and Zildjian Cymbals, Gibraltar and Dw Hardware, LP percussion blocks.

Favourite song on Firebird: Never Give Up

Least favourite song on Firebird: Goodbye

Favorite new song: The Mistress

Favourite bands: Van Halen, Incubus, RHCP, Best Coast, Bad Company, Off Spring, Pear Jam, Most 90's bands

Musical heroes: Alex Van Halen, Mike Mangini, Terri Bozzio, Jose Pasillas, Tommy Clufetos

Best live show you've been to: Santana

Cats or dogs? Dogs, but I like cats, too

Random trivia: Im an assassinating Khajiit in my spare time

Favorite Food: Pizza and mom's roast potatoes.

Other Interests: Art, Piano,Tap Dancing, Baking, Teaching Music,Watching lots of series.

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